The Story of Saint Stanislaus Bishop Martyr Parish…

Seventy-five years of existence for St. Stanislaus Parish became history.This book unveils the Sorts and work put in to make this parish what it is today. It is a Christian custom to celebrate the more important anniversaries of their church, the home of God. That is why on this occasion of the 75th Anniversary of St. Stanislaus Parish, in the spirit of deep appreciation for all the graces and blessings, we are voicing this hymn: “Te Detun Lantdamus.” “We praise You, O Lord.”

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Saint Mark’s Parish Catonsville, Maryland…

The mid twentieth century found St. Mark?s continuing to grow, but the history of the parish entails more than its physical growth. The story of the parish is the story of the people, who made their parish more than a place of worship; it was central to their lives.

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Immaculate Conception Church…

On the occasion of the celebration of the 125th anniversary of Immaculate Conception Parish, I wish to congratulate you, the priests of the Parish, the devoted Religious and loyal Parishioners. Archbishop John Hughes expressed his own joy, over one hundred years ago’ when he wrote: I had the happiness to be present at the time that the Immaculate Conception was so declared, and I could not help thinking even then how well it would be for the Catholics of New York to consecrate a temple to God in honor of the event.Your Parish was the first to be established under this title of the Immaculate Conception when Archbishop Hughes presided at the laying of the cornerstone on December 8, 1855. The Archbishop was courageous in establishing Immaculate Conception Church on the East Side of New York, and he was confident that God would see the work completed. You, the priests and the Parishioners, are the recipients of his trust in the Lord.

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Christ the King Church…

The origin of Christ the King Parish can be traced to a time well before 1931. During the latter half of the nineteenth century, a large number of textile mills sprang up all over New England. In Rhode Island, the Pawtuxet and Blackstone River Valleys formed this new industrial center. The mills created a need for large numbers of both skilled and unskilled workers which the native Rhode Island population could not accommodate. Mill owners looked north toward Canada as a source of this manpower.

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