With over 50 years in publishing, we have the
technical expertise to
chronicle and update
your parish story

Since 1958 Custom Studios™ has preserved parish history with detailed accounts and accomplishments of over 1000 churches, clergy,
parishioners and communities throughout the United States.

Celebrating 53 years in business here is an example of the FIRST video edition of Custombook™.


Narrated video edition

Custom Video™ narrated presentations capture the spirit and glory of your
church and community in real time, exploring your parish’s unique story and
providing a keepsake for your personal library.

As well as being able to host it yourself, [copy for using it with YouTube, Vimeo
and others here]

We do the work.


Through our unique under-one-roof program, your Custombook limited edition only requires your approval to ensure satisfaction.
In short, Custom Studios™ becomes your parish publisher.


Q: How do I learn more about CustomBook™ or Custom video™?

Give us a call OR fill out our simple online form

We send a local or staff camera person to your church to record video and take pictures for your Custombook™.

Editors work with the footage taken and incorporate any photos, notes, and details you provide to create your Custombook™.

You will receive a copy of your new Custombook™ or Library video, a great display of your Parishes history.

That’s all! You’ll receive your new Custombook™ or Library Video, a wonderful display of your
Parishes history.

Over 1,000 Custombook™ 
editions and counting.

Available as hardcover or E-Book, each Custombook™ works to strengthen parish and community
bonds, documenting your local heritage for praise, discussion and remembrance.

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Celebrate Church History
with the e-Book edition of

Over 1,000 churches throughout the nation have taken advantage of the
Custombook™ program, providing every family in the church with a beautiful
keepsake edition of the church’s unique story, for their own library. In addition to
our traditional keepsake edition, Custom Studios™ can provide a convenient
E-Book edition of a church’s history for your computer, tablet, or smart phone, as
well as a narrated video edition. Church stories are part of America’s heritage,
as well as that of each community. Our historic archive of church histories is
digitized and is housed in the Library of Congress, where they are comprised of
a very special collection. We will try to utilize as much volunteer helpers as
possible to help keep the costs down.


In the Library of Congress.


Custom Studios™ is especially proud that the archive of its church histories are in the Library of
Congress and comprise the Library’s American Church History Collection.

Let us create a Custombook™ for your parish or congregation today.

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